Biologue; 4th quarter, 1995

Company CEO Profiles; Businesses and Professionals Making a Difference in the Industry

Arkenol, Inc. is a California based company with an advanced process technology at the stage of commercial readiness. Arkenol's goal is to develop and operate high-value bio-based chemical and transportation fuel production facilities worldwide. Based on Arkenol's patented, concentrated acid hydrolysis technology, these "biorefineries" will utilize widely available, inexpensive, organic materials as feedstock, converting these renewable resources into valuable chemical products and alcohol-based transportation fuels.

Arkenol is privately held and is headquartered in Mission Viejo, California, with its pilot plant and laboratory located nearby in the City of Orange. The company was originally formed in 1992 as an affiliate company of ARK Energy, a successful independent power project developer, to commercialize the concentrated acid hydrolysis technology for the purpose of developing a "thermal host" strategy to assist ARK Energy in its power development efforts.

The company's mission has since expanded well beyond the thermal host strategy to focus on becoming the worldwide leader in the production and sale of bio-based chemicals and fuels. It now employs a full team of professionals with many years of project development, management and technical expertise. They have developed numerous strategic relationships with equipment vendors, engineering and construction firms, chemical and fuel marketing firms, lenders, and political entities which will be key to Arkenol's continued success. By teaming with regional industry leaders, Arkenol will produce and market its products into defensible niche markets. Each of the projects will be sites and designed to take advantage of the rapidly expanding market opportunities being created by economic, political and environmental shifts.

Arkenol is in the final development stages for its first commercial-scale biorefinery, a 12.6 million gallon per year ethanol production facility in Sacramento, California, and it has undertaken diligent investigation into many other potential locations and product markets. Two additional domestic U.S. projects are in active development, one in Hawaii and the second in Minnesota; and Arkenol is exploring several other locations for potential future development. The existing plans include domestic sites in Florida, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington, as well as additional sites in Hawaii and California. International projects are currently being evaluated in the Philippines, Brazil, Czechoslovakia and Canada.

Arkenol is actively seeking strategic partnerships and development opportunities on a worldwide basis.